Like many Canadians, we have fond memories associated with being out on the water—whether creeks, lakes, rivers, oceans which our vast country certainly has an abundance of. While there are many ways to keep afloat, the canoe has a certain majesty and magic associated with it. Perhaps it recalls all those times we went on family trips or summers at camp or those solo treks into the wilderness? And where we would we be without the trusty noble paddle?

So we wanted to page homage to the paddle by dressing it up with some of Canadas’s most recognizable institutions like The Tragically Hip or icons like the maple leaf, moose or an Inukshuk. While our designer paddles can certainly be used out on the water, our intent was to have them displayed in cottages, homes and offices as a reminder that great adventure awaits just outside.

Our paddles are all made from locally sourced wood and manufactured in Ontario—we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re interested in a paddle program of your own, visit, give us a call at 365-228-3999 or email us at

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